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With MHN's extensive network, finding a provider that's just right for you is simple. You can call MHN for assistance or use our online provider search.

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EAP Member Support & Customer Service Inquiries

Call the number in the EAP section of this website (also listed on your EAP wallet card), or call 1-800-646-9923. TTY users call 711.

Behavioral Health Member Support & Customer Service Inquires

Claims issues: 1-800-444-4281
Authorizations, referrals, continuity of care, customer service:
  Covered California members: 1-800-977-7534
  Members enrolled through the Health Insurance Marketplace in Arizona: 1-800-977-7536
  All other members: 1-888-327-0010 (or the number on your identification card)

Go to the behavioral health section of this website for details.

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Obtain Benefit information, Claims Inquiries, Provider Referrals, Forms or request an Authorization. All e-mails are submitted to our secure group mailbox for your protection. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.