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With MHN's extensive network, finding a provider that's just right for you is simple. You can call MHN for assistance or use our online provider search.

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What are your financial goals? To pay off your credit cards? Send your kids to college? Save for retirement? Our financial articles, tools and calculators are a great place to start.

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Our financial consultants can help you with:

  • Credit counseling.
  • Debt and budgeting assistance.
  • Financial planning for college.
  • Retirement planning.

MHN does not offer specific investment advice or counseling. If you are seeking these services, please contact a certified financial planner or investment counselor.

Please call or refer to My Benefits for more information.

With telephonic assistance and referrals to qualified financial counselors and educators, MHN can help you gain control of your financial life.

Issues covered include:

  • Credit counseling
  • Debt and budgeting assistance
  • Financial planning for college
  • Retirement planning

Refer to My Benefits, for more information.